Worlds are Colliding

I want to apologize up-front to everyone that may have gotten bombarded by a flood of social media “friend” and / or “follow” requests from me this weekend – there is a story behind it (isn’t there always 🙂 )! All I can say is blame it on my adolescent behavior and strong need to have access to SnapChat filters!  One present my daughter received  for her recent birthday was a new docking station for her iPhone (one with a lightning connector). This meant she could stop using her old iPhone as a bedside alarm clock and music player (her old one had the old style connector). Seeing that I had now inherited her old iPhone 4s (WiFi – no phone service), I figured I would check it out in more depth (at some point my BlackBerry is going to stop working although I just replaced the keyboard on it so I should get another three years easy). Other than long, drawn-out battles with iOS and iTunes every time the kids get new phones, my main exposure to iOS has been with a really old iPod Touch (still running iOS 4 and no camera) which I use as a music player. Before you laugh, the old iPod Touch is great for what I use it for since it contains no personal information so I don’t care if it gets lost, dropped, falls in the mud while I am working in the yard, or gets full of sand at the beach – you get my point. Anyway, I wiped her old iPhone clean and began to set it up with me as the new “owner” – this was an ordeal unto itself since once iTunes gets its hooks into a user, it never wants to let go – it took hours to convince it that I was the rightful owner and it was ok to relinquish control from iCloud, iMusic, iGiveUp… Once that was done, I began setting the phone up – I tend to be pretty careful about access permissions on my phones – remember I use a BlackBerry! Over the years I have gotten used to how BlackBerry will not do anything without your permission – it even asks you for permission before it updates for Daylight Savings Time 🙂 – I successfully got the phone setup (WiFi only) and I must admit I was intrigued by how well things seemed to go – I even had my first “conversation” with Siri – she is quite pleasant. So now onto the Apps (and finally access to my SnapChat filters). I proceeded to install ALL of the social media apps – yes I have an addiction and my kids are working on an intervention – but that is another story. Everything went very smoothly – until I realized iOS had decided I needed to improve my communication and sent out cross-app requests for friends! I felt like George Costanza – world’s were colliding – my BlackBerry would never do this without first asking permission (several times) which I always denied – I prefer to keep control over what friends are in what social media circle. So there you have it – the reason behind why you may have gotten so many requests – honestly I am not stalking. By the way, this really long post has been provided by way of my trusty old BlackBerry 🙂 P.S. – the filters are awesome!

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